Which Century was Considered the Age of Musical Diversity? - Deepstash
Which Century was Considered the Age of Musical Diversity?

Which Century was Considered the Age of Musical Diversity?


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Which Century was Considered the Age of Musical Diversity?

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The Age Of Music Diversity

The 20th century has seen musical creativity, diversity and experimentation, taking a cue from the past music styles, while utilizing the newly available resources and technology.

Innovative changes have been seen in the kinds of instruments and noisemakers being used, combining chords, chord structures, and tempo modulation that created music not heard in the decades before.


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The composers made use of dissonant chords, polychords, tone clusters and other creative music-making techniques to create their own unique sound.

The middle ages had a monopolistic musical texture, which later morphed into vocal music with church choirs, based on the sacred Gregorian chants.


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Musical texture in the Baroque Period (16th century) was mostly polyphonic or homophonic, and as musical instruments were added, they became richer.

This includes Classical music tunes from the Romantic period as well as other innovative sounds from the United States and even the non-western cultures.


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Audiotapes and computers resulted in composers having a lot more creative freedom with the use of percussion and noisemakers making the sounds richer and refined. Music became expansive and unpredictable.

Radio and TV made music accessible to people sitting at home. Recorded music, starting with vinyl recordings, was much appreciated and is still sought after by music aficionados.


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  • Talented composers were sprouting all over the globe, but social and political problems stifled the musical voices in many countries. 
  • The US became the centre of all musical activity, and many had to conform to their existing regime and fade away. 
  • Others chose to migrate to the US and then pursue their musical goals.


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