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All About using Data for better customer experience


The Ultimate Guide to Database Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Database Marketing


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While social media platforms are an amazing way to get in front of people, they have two major drawbacks.

First, you may have tens of thousands of followers on your platform of choice. However, thanks to algorithms that few (if any) humans understand, you only reach a smal...

While traditional direct marketing still exists and can be an asset to your business, digital options give business owners a world of choice when it comes to reaching their audience. It allows you to figure out how customers want to be marketed to and then give them what they want.


No matter the size of your business, keeping your database fresh, constantly adding to it, and nurturing it is absolutely essential to your business success. You’ll see a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Owning your contacts
  • Speaking directly to audience members
  • Identifyin...

Before we dive into strategy, let’s look at a few challenges you may encounter with database marketing.

Data decay and obsolescence: People move, change jobs, change names, abandon email addresses, and start new ones. Life changes like these could render their information relativel...

While there’s no easy way to avoid purposeful typos, avoiding accidental errors is possible with drop-down choices instead of blank comment boxes. You can also confirm people’s information when you speak with them.

It’s important to clean up your database frequently, purging contacts with o...

If you’ve ever received an email two years after doing business with someone, it’s probably come as a shock. Chances are, they don’t update their database in a timely fashion so they completely missed the window to build rapport with you after that first interaction.

Don’t make this mistake...

Put your database to work for you by creating a sound strategy from the very beginning. Here’s how:

Identify who you want to reach:

Who is it that you’d like to do business with and what do they look like on paper? This can include demographics like age and gender, ma...

While it may have “marketing” in the title, database marketing can be influenced by multiple departments in your organization. The marketing, sales, and customer service or support departments all have contact with potential and existing customers. Look for feedback from them to build the most ef...

Use the right tools.

There are countless database marketing software options out there to meet your needs. Do some research, ask for recommendations, and find one that suits your business best. Once you’ve chosen a solution, provide your employees with the training they need to utilize it f...

  • Demographic Data - This includes gender, age, marital status, parental status, health, and financial status.
  • Psychographic Data - This includes interests, actions, and opinions. What do they value? What type of lifestyle do they lead?
  • Acquisition Data - Through what channel d...

 Keep your data clean and safe.

It’s very easy for data to become outdated and useless. Review it frequently and back it up so if something happens to your database, your entire customer history is not lost.

Don’t be creepy.

You can find out a l...

Acquiring customers is important, but if you can’t keep them, you’re just spinning your wheels. Your customer service team should have access to your customer database. This allows them to review a customer’s buying history when they call in with an issue.

Imagine knowing exactly what produ...

Having a chat about the weather is a great way to build rapport with a customer or potential customer. Do you know what’s an even better way? Not trying to sell them things they don’t need.

For example: Looking at a customer profile, you can see that they live in a high-rise apartment, ...

When you understand who buys frequently and in large amounts, it becomes easier to identify options for upsells.

There are a variety of ways to reach your existing and potential customers. A well-rounded marketing plan will include many of these. However, if you’d really like to get the mos...




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Thinking about your e-commerce marketing plan for 2022? Use the RACE Framework to create a focussed and well-structured digital marketing strategy.



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