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Start Believing In Your Power

Start Believing In Your Power

Your personal brand will be the new currency in the new future

Especially for entrepreneurs because you will create trust, impact & influence to win over your audience/ clients

You don't have to build it but It is highly recommended that everyone should, if: You want to be 'more sellable'

What about employees?

Imagine if you are an employee, employers will want to poach you over because

- They want to grow their business too 🤷‍♀️


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Attraction Will Be The New Currency

Attraction Will Be The New Currency

What are you doing that's catching your full attention right now?

Hint: You could say None

Yup! ATTRACTION or (Grabbing attention) is a real serious factor to consider, especially when you're in business.

We're now functioning on: Too fast Too furious.

So how do you attract your audience and get your piece of little attention to connect quickly for that chance of a tiny pitch?


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And Then Comes Trust

And Then Comes Trust

Attention is ONLY just the TIP of the Iceberg.

You build trust and connections through the power of your personal brand for your business.

If you want to sell high ticket:

Without building the necessary trust and connection factor, you can forget about it.

Your values, your purpose & intentions, your credibility and how you can help others benefit too (Not only just you)


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Are You Killing Your Dream Prematurely?

Are You Killing Your Dream Prematurely?

Musings: You still face problems and fears. Even when you think small. *Same shit different forms.

I mean so why not re-think, then like think bigger? At least if we can't reach the moon, we'll still fall among the stars..

This is dawning on me clearly as I write this, 😱

- SURELY I'm getting the true meaning of BIG SCARY AUDACIOUS GOALS right this time!

Now it makes sense; might as well right? Because then at least the risk to reward makes sense. 

What's next?

You and me start planning (NOW) and taking really small steps to implement the process. Moving towards the dream or change we desire.


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Flip The Switch

If you want to start a side hustle or business with an employee mindset, sorry it won't work. 

Learn to make the switch.


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Could this be the next trending economy?

Could this be the next trending economy?

-The Lean and Mean business

Where small is the new BIG.

The creator has all the freedom to create any service or product that the audience wants.

And the BEST part?

Creator doesn't even need to work forever on the same thing to retain their credibility. (unlike the typical 5-10yrs expertise.) They just keep moving and achieving milestones wherever the next wave brings them.

How is that possible?


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You Are The Anchor

You Are The Anchor

☀️Because the value anchor is YOU the human.

Ahhhh the beauty of personal branding.

This is your asset which AI cannot replace.

We do not let our work or careers define who we are.

They are just our tools to do our best work on the playground.

🚨With WEB3 tools like NFTS, IT'S POSSIBLE

The best part?

You don't even need a degree anymore.

Learning and doing via mentorship and apprenticeship could likely be next BIG wave.


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I help entrepreneurs beat stagnation & stand out with a strong personal brand. Communications + Customized Brand Attraction program. I'm the liaison between biz & mind of the audience. Profit, scale, create assets (NFTs), become one & own it.


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