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Market sentiments are influential in deciding the course of the market, but you should steer clear of emotions while investing in equities or even in SIP investments. You can keep your emotions at bay with the help of the following tips


Your Money: Four tips to control your emotions when investing

Your Money: Four tips to control your emotions when investing


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Investing is all about informed decisions based on your market knowledge and insights from analytics.

Set long-term investment goals

You need to establish a long-term financial goal. It means that you need to figure out the reason why you are investing as in your child’s education, retirement or to multiply your funds; review your age and investment perspective, sort out what you are expecting out of your life. Once you answer...

Find a balanced approach

Once you have determined your investment goals, you may become over-confident or under-confident about your financial perspective. In both cases, you stand to lose. The mantra here is to strike a balance between over-confidence and under-confidence. You should just be confident regarding your dec...

Diversify your portfolio

With a portfolio diversification approach, you can ensure peace of mind. Here’s how. When you distribute your money across mutual funds and asset classes, it lowers your risk of losses. Markets act in different ways in different places at different times. So, it brings a balance in your investmen...

Abandon the herd mentality

Following market sentiments without analysing them is a big mistake committed by many individual investors. It is human psychology to follow the herd and do what others are doing, especially when you can see them tasting success dur to the choices they made. But by the time you try the same and i...

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