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These ideas show how negative space is important in drawing


How To Improve Your Drawing With Negative Space

How To Improve Your Drawing With Negative Space


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How Negative Space Can Improve Your Drawing

Negative space is the area around and between a subject. It is most evident when the space around a subject forms an interesting or artistically relevant shape. A popular example of this is seen in Rubin’s vase

Why is learning Negative Space Important

The ability to discern and draw negative space comes with the following key benefits:

Drawing what you see

Understanding Composition

Unity in Drawing

1. Drawing what you see

A recurring message in art classes and tutorials is that as a beginning student, you should: “draw what you see not what you know”, this can be easily done by drawing with negative space. You have no previous knowledge of the negative space unlike the object itself, therefore you would have to dr...

2. Understanding Composition

If you are just starting art and design, it is easy to assume that your work is to fill up the blank page but in truth, you need to work with the blank page. An artwork/design is a combination of both positive and negative spaces on the page.

3. Unity in Drawing

Asides from helping you with the compositional elements of your drawing, paying attention to negative spaces can ensure that everything fits together with the page. A major mistake every beginner makes is to start a drawing without due consideration of the page, only to realize towards the end th...



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