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Why You Need "White Space" in Your Daily Routine • Jocelyn K. Glei

Why You Need "White Space" in Your Daily Routine • Jocelyn K. Glei



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How Powerful White Space Can Affect Our Daily Routine

In design, “white space” is negative space. It’s not blank space because it has a purpose. It is balancing the rest of the design by throwing what is on the page (or the screen) into relief. The white space helps focus our visual attention.

Time Scarcity Of White Space

Time scarcity is like kryptonite for creativity. If we want to create an environment that nourishes innovation and imagination, we need to build quiet counterpoints into our daily rhythm.

These small moments of “white space”— where we have time to pause and reflect, or go ...

White Space: Room Of One's Own

Think about how we can open up our schedule and let some white space in — the mental equivalent of a light, airy room of one’s own that we allow ourselves to retreat to, and refuel, a few times a day.

It should be noted that a “room of one’s own” means that. We are ...

Concept Of The Stateless Mindset By Leo Babauta

This is a programming concept. “It means that each request is treated a new, without memory of previous requests.” It's the concept about the power of clarity. How we can focus on the task at hand, while not getting weighed down by all the junk we allow to pull at our attention.

1. Declutter Our Surroundings.

Piles of books, half completed projects, reminders taped to our wall—all of which are filling up our physical environment and competing for our attention. Consider tidying up, and at least limiting our office clutter, will help reduce our distraction while lead our work to be more meaning...

2. Limit Our Distractions

How much is fighting for our attention when we’re creating—all those devices, all those steams, all that incoming noise? Give ourselves the permission to turn this all off, so we can turn our creativity on, and readily get into flow.

3. Download Our Brain

Create systems to hold our tasks, getting all our non-now actions out of our head. Any negative feelings or emotions feel like they are on the tip of our brain, then journal about them, which takes them off the front of our consciousness and frees up our mention load.

Do We Have Enough White Space In Our Daily Routine?

Consider building a few white space blocks directly into our schedule weeks in advance so that no matter what meetings or deadlines come up, we still have time blocked off to take a few moments and think about the big picture — or think about nothing at all.

Because if we’re all get up and ...

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