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The sport’s environmental footprint is a growing concern as more and more people play and watch sports. But what we need to do to make sure that our favorite sporting events are sustainable for generations to come?


4 Ways Technology Can Help Improve Sport's Environmental Footprint

4 Ways Technology Can Help Improve Sport's Environmental Footprint



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Recycling: Reduce Your Teams Footprints

There are easy ways to help reduce your team’s environmental impact:

  • You can replace the plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles.
  • You can buy all of your clothing second hand instead of new. A football club like Brentford FC in the English premier league announced t...

Reduce teams & fans travellings

Reducing teams travelling to competitions can reduce sport's environmental footprint

  • A team can decrease their travel time and instead be near where they compete, this will reduce their carbon footprint and gas emissions due to air travel.
  • some sporting organizations can make ...

Use electrical engines in mechanical sports

Formula 1 cars are able to make a much more environmentally sustainable impact on the world by using renewable energy to power them instead of solely relying on fossil fuels for fuel.

Racing cars have been running as hybrid formula one engines for years now, which has helped reduce greenhou...

Use renewable energy in sport infrastructures

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta uses 4,000 rooftop solar panels and energy efficient LED lighting throughout, it uses 30% less energy than the average stadium. All sports’ infrastructures must follow the example or even do better to decrease their environmental footprint.

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