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How affordable is mental healthcare? The long-term impact on financial health

How affordable is mental healthcare? The long-term impact on financial health


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Since the start of the pandemic, mental health has declined for many Americans, with more individuals reporting mental illness since 2019.

Those diagnosed with mental illness have disproportionately faced economic disadvantages and report greater financial stress. Affordability barriers a...

  • More respondents are seeking psychotherapy, behavioural health help, and treatment at an ER for mental health needs.
  • Respondents said they have greater fears around keeping their housing, especially if they have children.
  • Respondents reporting mental illness were on average 6...

The lower sense of financial security reported by those with mental illness underscores the importance of holistic care for behavioral health—not just treating mental illness symptoms but considering the broader needs an individual with mental illness may have.

Twenty percent of respondents who report mental illness disclose not being on track to meet short-term financial obligations (such as rent/mortgage, groceries, transportation) compared with 12 percent of respondents who did not report mental illness.

The disparity worsens when considering...

Respondents who report mental illness were on average 66 percent more likely to report debt across all categories than respondents who did not report mental illness.

An association exists between mental illness and higher levels of debt and debt-related stress. This association may arise f...

Mental health services and childcare were listed by respondents as the least affordable among essential services (for example, nutritious food, internet, health insurance, reliable transportation).

Respondents who report mental illness were two times more likely to perceive mental health ...

Those who report having a mental health condition but have not sought treatment for it are 60 percent more likely to declare mental health services unaffordable.

This holds true when controlling for reported household income, as those who reported mental illness but have not sought treatm...

A study published by Mental Health America found nearly nine in ten employees report that workplace stress affects their mental health, and that nearly three in five employees feel their employer does not provide a safe environment for employees who live with mental illness, demonstrating the wor...




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Employers can potentially reduce stress and anxiety for workers by considering their on-site return plan.



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