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I am not a fan of audio books in general. Think Again by Adam Grant is an exception because I think it has been narrated well by the author himself. I listened the Audible audio book for a few minutes everyday. It captured my attention till the end.


Think Again - Adam Grant

Think Again - Adam Grant


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In the book, the author talks about how we rarely re-think our decisions and beliefs, and the disadvantage of doing so. Adam Grant has three parts in this book. The first part talks about how re-thinking is good for an individual. The second part talk about how influencers can get others to rethi...

According to Adam Grant, there are three modes of thought that hinders rethinking. He calls them preaching our own beliefs, prosecuting others' thoughts, and politicking for acceptance and validation. He says, when we lack the knowledge and skill...

The solution to this is to have confident humility. You should have confidence that you will achieve your goals but have humility to question whether you have the right tools at the present. That is the sweet spot of confidence between the two extremes of arrogrance and self-doubt.

The author says, we are entiteled to have our opinion. Yes, as long as they are inside our head. But if we decide to express it outside, then it is our responsibility to ground them in logic and facts, and change our minds when better evidence turns up.

So what happens when we express our thoughts and find them to be different from others? The author says that task conflicts are good. That is how we grow. However, relation conflicts are not. We should keep emotions out of our feedback or reaction. We should argue like scientists instead of resor...

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