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Self-advocacy: Improve your life by speaking up

Self-advocacy: Improve your life by speaking up


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What is self-advocacy?

Self-advocacy is the ability to speak up on your behalf effectively. You might do this to bring about positive results in any of the various contexts in which you interact — whether at work, in organizations, school, community, or family.

If there are decisions being ma...

Self-advocacy requires that you first understand yourself (your values, your needs, and your rights) in the context in which you operate. It requires that you are aware of the support that you need and the resources that are available.

Self-advocacy also requires th...

You need to understand yourself in the context of your role within the larger group. This means having a good understanding of the organization’s values, rules, rights, and resources. For instance, look at your organization’s mission and your team’s role in fulfilling that missio...

  • Develop a robust and direct line of communication with your manager. Your manager is in the best position to advocate on your behalf. They know both you and the organization. I
  • Join — and lead — organizations that are there to support you and others,...

Make sure to take the following steps: prepare, consult, draft, and state your case.

  • To prepare, start by documenting your concerns in detail.
  • Do your research. Which laws govern the issue on a federal, state, and local level?...

  • You empower yourself and others by practicing and honing self-advocacy skills. In doing so, you build a psychologically safe and inclusive environment where other people are more apt to share their ideas and flourish.
  • You take control of your own life.

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