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I am a kind of person who ____

I am a kind of person who ____

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"I am a kind of person who ____"

"I am a kind of person who ____"

The above sentence is a powerful sentence that can have a great impact on your life. How often is it that everybody does self talk and fill the above blank with negative words. I am a kind of person who is not confident. I am a kind of person who does not have courage.


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Thoughts  = Sentences Power Of Words

Thoughts = Sentences Power Of Words

Think what thoughts are made up of, words.Thoughts are made up of words and sentences or in other way, the sentences you use are your thoughts. When you keep saying the above sentence in a negative way, neural pathway strengthens which makes your subconious mind believe and reinforce what you are saying. Think of it like everytime you tell that sentence in mind, you are feeding the neural pathway .The more you say the more it strengthens. Less you say, more it weakens.


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You Decide You Want More Or Less Of It.

You Decide You Want More Or Less Of It.

Its a choice now! You decide you want to reinforce the negative sentences and strengthen it . Subconsious mind gives you more proof of what you have told it. If you have made your subconious mind believe in above sentence, more you will find and more the focus will be next time when you are in the similar situation.Its a loop.


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