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How I Started Writing Online

How I Started Writing Online

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Consumer To Creator

Consumer To Creator

This year I’ve transformed myself to start sharing my ideas online, for the first time - joining the 1% of creators rather than the 99% of consumers.

Looking back I realized that this simple shift in mindset took me more than 5 years to accomplish.

Here is why I made the switch and how you can do the same.


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My Story

My Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a consumer. A consumer of social media, articles, videos, blog posts.

During this time I’ve come across some really valuable content, and despite knowing that the content I’ve consumed could be helpful to someone, I hadn't found my voice that allowed me to share it with others.

While looking for a new hobby to get me out of my comfort zone, I rediscovered writing, something I had let go back in high school.


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Writing For Yourself

Writing For Yourself

This is the first part of process. People often forget that writing is such a powerful tool to have in your arsenal .

All great ideas start in some variation of pen and paper, however if you prefer going the digital route, that works too.

I started writing on a bullet journal at the start of 2021 and soon realized that I needed some more space for my ideas.

Then I made the transition to DayOne and haven’t looked back since. Writing gave me clarity, insight and a sense of purpose.

Pick an app of your choice or any empty notebook and write down everything on your mind. Start with 5 minutes daily.


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Writing For Ideas

Writing For Ideas

Now that you’re in the process of writing (incase you aren’t already) you might often have a blank page and a question that every writer has to come across at some point - what should I write about?

Its a common problem but often has a simple solution.

I have a 25 minute process for idea generation :

  1. Meditation - 10 minutes
  2. Walk - 10 minutes
  3. Mind map - 5 minutes

Whether you’re about to publish your 30th blog post or just writing your first entry into your journal, try this method out and I can guarantee you will find something to write about


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Writing For Others

Writing For Others

Now that you’re armed with a habit of writing and a process for generating ideas, it’s time to put it into action and start sharing your ideas online.

When picking a platform I would recommend starting out with

  1. Personal Twitter account
  2. Email Newsletter
  3. Personal Website

This is the exact way , from step one to step three I followed to get my online journey kickstarted.

I created a brand new Twitter account, which was like pressing the reset button , switching my mindset from consumer to creator.

Eventually I added in my newsletter through Revue and currently have a landing page to go with it.


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Writing is one of the purest forms of art that really allows others to get a glimpse of what you’re thinking or what you’re passionate about.

When you start writing, you’ll observe that your thoughts will have much more structure. Your goals will start becoming attainable and your ideas will start becoming a reality.

Share your ideas with your favorite creators, interact with them on Twitter and learn from the people who are in the position you want to be.


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