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Here are some principles about how to engage in reading. Pay attention to developing the reading habit, understanding the topics, and the enchantment of creative thinking.


A Guide to Developing a Deep Reading Habit

A Guide to Developing a Deep Reading Habit



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Use a hardcopy book

Research shows that comprehend and connect information best when we read physical pages. There are no distractions in physical pages, which e-reading and audiobooks inherently invite (there is nothing wrong with these modalities, but they are not the same as deep reading). Also, the brain retains...

Have no devices in the room

Even if the phone is facedown on silent, or laptop is closed and asleep, the mere sight of these devices and everything they represent — not to mention the willpower it takes not to check them — is a huge distraction.

The more you engage with a book, the better. There is a big difference between passive reading (being read to) and active reading (being in conversation with). The latter promotes further absorption in the material and more associative thinking and subsequent creative insight. It's better to high...

Keep a notebook nearby

Even if you are fully engaged in what you are reading, random thoughts will pop into your mind: emails to write, groceries to get, conversations to have, ideas for your next big project, etc. Jot these thoughts down so you do not lose them but can offload your brain from trying to hang on to them...

It takes time to get into a groove. There is nothing wrong with reading in the nooks and crannies of your day. Try to manage 30 minutes for reading from your schedule.

The ability to pay full attention and get absorbed in a book is built over time. It may be hard at first (especially if you are rusty), but it gets easier. Eventually, it becomes enjoyable. Be patient and stick to it. It’s worth it.

Read as much as you can

Books are the best bargain there is. There is no better place to get a rich distillation of insights and wisdom. The individuals whom people tend to deem wise and discerning all read a heck of a lot.

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