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The benefits of Credit cards are discussed in this article.


Explained: The benefits of using credit cards

Explained: The benefits of using credit cards



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Credit cards become a valuable financial tool once you learn to use them sensibly and responsibly.

It offers rewards, protection, convenience and helps build an effective credit score. So, what kind of benefits can one reap using a credit card?

To begin with, le...

Arguably, the most attractive feature of a credit card is the interest-free grace period that can be availed by users provided, the amount to be repaid, is cleared by the due date.

IndusInd Bank allows up to 50 days of credit to its customers without having to pay inte...

Since credit card transactions are similar to availing loans, all such transactions are reported to the credit bureaus that use them for calculating, as well as building your credit profile.

Credit scores become crucial if you plan to avail loans towards business expansion...

These include benefits like discounts, cash backs, reward points, loyalty credits, complimentary club memberships, free access to the airport lounges, among many others.

You must select the card that offers the most and matches your lifestyle requirements.

You can time your big-ticket purchases in a way that can help you gain a longer credit period.

  • Making purchases through credit cards in the initial days of the billing cycle can maximize the grace period.
  • Some card issuing companies provide a graphical view of your spending p...

Banks and financial institutions offer Cardholders the option of paying for certain purchases through Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI).

In fact, several card issuers even walk that extra mile, to offer interest-free EMIs with tenures ranging from 3 to 36 months.

Credit card issuers offer pre-approved loans to card users with a healthy re-payment record and credit profile.

Some credit card issuers offer loan amounts (with tenures ranging from 6 to 36 months) that are over and above the approved credit limit.

This comes i...

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These ideas help to understand why credit cards remain a popular means of payment despite being a form of debt.



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