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Micro-Habits That'll Boost You

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1. Take walks in between.

Taking walks in between your work hours for 5 minutes at least will clear up your mind enough to work more efficiently. The walk will unclog your brain of all the work clutter

2.Turn off email notifications during non-working hours.

One of the biggest mistakes employees make is to answer emails during their non-working hours which makes it difficult to enjoy the time off. As a result, they are unable to destress during their time off and they end up getting burnt out more than often.

3.Organise everything.

Organising work makes it all so much easier. There are organisational apps that schedule and organise your work for you when you input details of your work. Preparing your schedule the night before also allows you to keep track of time and your work.

4.Fix a time only for important tasks.

Keeping some time aside for some of your important work will allow you to acutely focus on a single task. Suppose you fix 4 PM to 5 PM only to solve the most important work of the day. You can’t talk to other people nor do any other work. This will do wonders for your concentration skills.

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