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Big Skills

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  • Curiosity across disciplines, most of which are outside your profession.
  • A well-calibrated sense of your future regret.
  • The ability to endure risk vs. assuming you can avoid it.
  • Respecting luck as much as you respect risk.
  • The willingness to adapt views you wish were permanent.


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  • Low susceptibility to FOMO.
  • A sensitive bullshit detector.
  • Valuing your independence over someone else’s priorities.
  • Respecting history more than forecasts.
  • Respecting the difference between rosy optimism and periods of chaos that trend upward.


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  • Quitting while you’re ahead before you’ve exhausted or outgrown what made you successful.
  • Outperforming by merely “doing the average thing when everyone else around you is losing their mind.”
  • Thinking in probabilities vs. certainties, including the idea that a good decision can result in a bad outcome and vice versa.
  • Acknowledging that some things are unknowable and not fooling yourself into thinking you can figure them out.
  • Identifying what game you’re playing and not being persuaded by people playing different games.


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  • Expecting the ridiculous and absurd vs. assuming the world is always governed by rational decisions.
  • Accepting some inefficiency and hassle without losing your cool.
  • Knowing the long-term consequences of your actions.
  • Deserving the good reputation you have.
  • Getting along with people you disagree with.


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