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This blog is written by me and it is about the effects of negativity on human mind. How it affects us and our mind in every stage and age of our life


Deity of Negativity


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Book And It's Idea

Yesterday, I completed a Marathi Novel called ‘Nave Daivat’.  It was Horror fiction and it is written by Narayan Dharap Narayan Dharap  is not only a great author but he can give a solid form to the emotions and expressions we can’t describe. This is the story...

If we ‘read between the lines you’ll see, what the writer wants to say. The core idea of this book is about the extreme negativity, depression, and vengeful thoughts of a person. We can’t even imagine how a person can think and how deeply it will affect him/her. As Shri Krushna said, our body is ...

Societical Personalities

The author tells the difference between types of people. Nope, I’m not talking about personalities, personas, or psychological things here but I’m talking about the ‘Societical term’ for personalities. There are three types of ‘Societical’ personalities.

Types Of Personalities

The first one, is those who believe in God (or energy), destiny, luck, and Karma, those who like to do hard work but prefer happiness over everything. The other one, who try to find shortcuts for fame, publicity, money, and success, and lastly, those who don’t believe in all of this and only focu...

The Effect

The actual point of this writing is, that even if you find these personalities harmless you can’t say the same about their mind. You can’t even say the same for your mind too! Through these harmless personalities’ criminals are born, leaders are born, and commoners too. So, it is the mind’s game....

The Twenties

In our twenties, we think differently and in our forties, it’s different. Twenty is the age where we easily get agitated, irritated, frustrated, and angry. We rebel, make bad decisions (sometimes good too), fall in love, we hope for dreams, we passionately work for them, try to find the meaning o...

Thirties And Forties

In our mid-thirties or late twenties, we somewhat started accepting reality, the fog of passion gets cleared this time we’re more determined, experienced, hard-skinned, and think in profit and loss. In the forties, we’re well-defined human beings according to society. Means, we’re more settled, w...

And trust me, we never blame this negativity internally. We blame society and ourselves. We always praise this negativity because through this we get affection, sympathy, and our mind love that but this Deity is not giving us anything but it is sucking our energy (mentally and physically too). (R...

So, in the end, when we have had enough of this, we started to look for solutions. Back to our Societical Personalities, some people may find their solutions through religious or spiritual way, some may take extreme steps like ending a life (which is not helpful) and some may visit a psychologist...

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