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Practical Steps to Balance Work and Friendship

Practical Steps to Balance Work and Friendship


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Maintaining good friendships

Maintaining close friendships is becoming increasingly challenging for ambitious, career-oriented people. The problem can feel worse considering how we feel when we lose touch with close friends or work buddies.

However, making the most of our friendships and connections is important to our...

Be intentional

Your career is probably busy enough, and without an intentional plan to maintain your friendships, they will likely grow old and fade into non-existence.

A simple way to preserve close friendships is by keeping them on a schedule.

  • Regularly and consistently call your friends rath...

Never assume or jump to conclusions about people's actions and motives. It will most likely end up in a misunderstanding.

Instead, ask your friend for clarification before you make your conclusions.

Close friends are often clear sounding boards that can prevent us from making the wrong choices.

A word from a friend or some new insight from a friendly conversation can be just what you need for your role in your office.

Losses could feel easier to manage if you have someone with wh...

Balancing friendship and work

When you set ambitious career goals, it is important not to sacrifice close friends in the process.

Recognising that friendships demand prioritisation and effort can increase your career performance and life satisfaction.

Not all friendships are worth it. If you feel strained by a friend or realise that your deeds of friendship are not reciprocated, it may be time to cut ties.

The length of time you've been friends with someone does not correlate with the strength of the friendship.

Reignite old friendships

If you have drifted away from a close friend or lost contact, you can try to reignite the friendship.

Intentionally start working on your friendship to improve it.

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