How is everything a mess? - Deepstash
How is everything a mess?

How is everything a mess?


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How is everything a mess?

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Never Let Anyone Downplay You, Relative Or Friends...

so far so good is what I hear from myself whenever I reply to my cousin or friend. Not thinking too much about my reply or atleast trying not to. was my reply too fast? Did I spoke in a dumb manner? Was i being too desperate? Did it made me sound stupid? Was he/she even listening to me?

the answers of those questions may rest with them in peace, but i couldn't.

it was not really a matter of someone finding you stupid or intimidating or boring, it's a matter of how YOU find those people to be.

Sometimes, in your lifetime youight have thought the same things about ANYONE. Now, that's bothersome


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Trying Is Hard...

It indeed is.

everyone have something or the other going their lives. No-one and i mean, no-one is capable of having the perfect life everyone desires.

in books and fairytales it may seem so easy, but it isn't as you may already know. So, now, there's no going back. Now, You have to be your own male/female protagonist. Give yourself some love. Be arrogant but not in a selfish way. Be arrogant about how much you look after yourself and others around you even if they seem unfair towards you.

Now that's something to be proud of.

Be proud of yourself for surviving all these years. You did it!


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