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Intrapreneurs are the unsung drivers of innovation and success

Intrapreneurs are the unsung drivers of innovation and success


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Entrepreneurs: People To Idolize

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that adults across the world viewed entrepreneurship as a good career choice and an indicator of high social status. The coronavirus pandemic has since 

Not Everyone Has It All

While many desire to become entrepreneurs, many shouldn’t. They may have innovative ideas but lack a passion for the business side. They may have strategic insight but can’t responsibly take the leap of financial faith every business owner must.

Fortunately, it’s not an all-or-nothing propo...

The Intrapreneur

The word intrapreneur was coined in the late 70s to describe employees who act like an entrepreneur within an established organization. Intrapreneurs develop original solutions, processes, or products. They can then sell their ideas to the higher-ups, use those innovations to motivate change, and...

Entrepreneurship Is Not A Cake Walk

To succeed, entrepreneurs must face competition, market upheavals, and the maintenance of their personal branding. It’s little wonder then that the failure rate of start-ups is so high—beginning at 20 percent in the first year and slowly creeping up every year after until peaking at a staggering ...

The intrapreneurial path is only accessible if organizations are willing to cultivate it. By now, the financial advantages should be obvious. By funding an intrapreneur’s product, policy, or application, the organization shares in any potential profit, and because the intrapreneur is already an e...

Today’s employees seek prosocial, meaningful, and innovative careers with a sense of autonomy. It’s simply the popular perception that entrepreneurialism is the only place where such work can be reliably found. If organizations want to tap into this wellspring of talent, they need to provide oppo...

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