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How to do RESEARCH on a Cryptocurrency Coin or Token (DYOR)

How to do RESEARCH on a Cryptocurrency Coin or Token (DYOR)

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How to Do Your Own Research in crypto?

Whenever we ask a person where to invest, to either an expert or a beginner, the only reply they have is DYOR

hold on, DYOR is not a coin or stock, I mean Do Your Own Research!

But how to do your own research?

A  stash, that helps you to do research on crypto an...

Losing Weight Analogy

Before doing your own research you need to know about the 'Losing weight Analogy'

If we think to lose energy, few people say to control die, few say to exercise.

But, both are important to lose weight.

The same applies here too, there'll be multiple factors affecting this.

Types of Analysis

now to the point

The 3types of Analysis;

1. Technical Analysis;

The analysis that made by watching the previous charts of the coin.

2. Sentimental Analysis;

It's the analysis that is made by observing what everyone is thinking about ...

What to follow?

The best analysis to rely on, is fundamental analysis, but how to do a fundamental analysis?

Goal: Try to make the investment that looks bad

with the marketing techniques, they can make up a simple project that looks like the best project ever.

The Research

step #1: Tokenomics

tokenomics is about what the company is about and its vision. it'll be available on the project's website or their white paper.

Step #2: Premine

It's personal data. A project sells its first token to private investors, early ...


Step #4: Social media 

sometimes, few content creators talk about a specific coin even if they are not sponsored, have a look at them.

Step #5: What's the problem they are solving?

I hope this stash might add some value.

Thank you so much ...

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