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Finding a Job When You Don’t Know What You Want to Do Next

Finding a Job When You Don’t Know What You Want to Do Next


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Searching For A Job: Avoiders or Gatherers

  • Overwhelmed by feelings of fear or confusion, avoiders often shut down entirely: “I don’t know where to start so I’m going to do nothing.”
  • Gatherers, on the other hand, respond to those same emotions with feverish action:

The manifesto includes three steps:

  • Evaluate: find job opportunities that match your needs and goals.
  • Engage: take action and start reaching out to people in your network.
  • Execute:  work with the contacts you have made ...

Consider the six categories below:

  • Environment: What kinds of environments, management styles, and ways of working do you thrive in?
  • Role: What kind of roles and prospects for growth are you looking for?
  • Compensation: W...

Discussions are a natural part of the job-hunting process, but you want to segment the people you engage with into two categories:

  • Thought Partners: People who can weigh in on your thinking and path forward (mentors, alumni networks, former managers and colleagues, etc...

The matrix has four quadrants of priority:

  • Focus Here: Opportunities in this quadrant are your “dream jobs.” They meet the two most important criteria you have identified so you should invest the most time pursuing these.
  • Waste of Time: Opportu...

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