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Here are 6 useful psychological tricks you can use in daily life

Here are 6 useful psychological tricks you can use in daily life

1.When people tell you things you don’t agree with

Don’t object to them firmly.

First acknowledge what they say with words like, “I see what you mean” and continue with your own opinion asking “but have you ever thought about this part of it?” That approach will help you make your point without being interrupted or having someone oppose you.

2. To improve your mood

You can Write down negative thoughts and tossing them in a trash can.

And if you are angry, draw lines. Simple patterns relax you. If you feel sad, paint a rainbow.


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<p><strong>3. If you want some...

3. If you want someone to carry something for you

Hand it over to them while talking. Most people won’t notice that you’re handing them something and they will take it.

But note that this trick may not work on people who are naturally more attentive as well as less close to you.

4. To make yourself look like a naturally good listener, even if you aren’t one

Paraphrase what someone else has just said and say it again. Remember to not be too obvious though.


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<p><strong>5. To get friendlie...

5. To get friendlier with a person

Emphasize your shared values. In other words, try finding a point of similarity between the two of you and then highlight it.

This is according to the "similarity-attraction effect”, stating that you are more attracted to those who are similar to you.

6. To give someone positive memories of your conversation or interaction

Let them talk about themselves. One study showed that when people talked about themselves, the reward system of the brain became activated, meaning talking about oneself felt actually rewarding.


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