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The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

by Robert Kirkman


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Walking Dead : Rise Of The Governor

The world today changed into something that was the biggest threat to humanity , biggest revenge by nature and the biggest nightmare , life have ever witnessed , yes ! The world now lurks with the walking dead around every corner and this apocalypse gave rise to a man of respect - Philip Blake

Summary Of The Book

When the world suddenly changed , Philip Blake should do whatever he can to save his little daughter , Penny Blake , along with his elder brother Brian Blake and two high school friends Nick Parsons and Bobby Marsh. They must move to Atlanta where there is said to be a r...

It all starts from the middle of the apocalypse ,Robert Kirkman has created an impressive starting. It starts Brian Blake along with Penny inside a cupboard and Philip along with his friends are clearing and securing an area , a large house with 5 members. Soon when they cleared the house and saw...


They decided to move on because of the number of walkers/zombies overpopulating the area. In the middle of their way , they met with a crashed area full of with a great deal of debris , some burning too. And beyond those debris lied a swarm of walkers. Now , after fighting a great deal of walkers...

On their way on a sudden rainy day , they met April chalmers who saved them on their way. After a few days , some strange things happened. In the morning , April Chalmers vanished and Tara was pointing Philip's .22 Reuger at them and threatened them to get out. After all these incidents , they...

This grieved Philip Blake alot , he was doing all these only for Penny but she died. He was also very much angry on Brian. Philip captured two people from the group and tortured them every day while Penny was tied with a tree , Nick Parsons who happened to be a very religious man stood against ...

And one day when Nick saw Philip taking a woman with him , he followed Philip , but Brian too followe him and tried to stop him , but even after Nick warned him to stop and not to kill the woman as Penny's lunch , he didn't listened , so Nick shot Philip and along with him died the woman too. Gri...


This is a very short summary which may really seem boring , but the book is 10x better and if u buy the book , you're bound to keep it in your top 10 list. Thank You for reading.


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