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The shock that we are more than our job.


What You Find When You Leave Your Job

What You Find When You Leave Your Job



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We Are What We Do

People have defined themselves through their labour for centuries—think of surnames such as Baker, Brewer, Potter, and Weaver that spell out a person’s profession. But Americans’ work and identities intertwine particularly tightly, thanks to the country’s 

The Job Is The Center Of Our Universe

The idea that our society is a meritocracy is also hammered into us from childhood. It’s common to believe that making our job a central component of our identity is noble because it’s sure to lead to some great payoff. So even though the coronavirus pandemic upended people’s liv...

Your Employer Does Not Love You Like You Do

Though the maxim goes that finding a job you love means you’ll never work a day in your life, the past two years have unearthed a counterpoint: Devotion to an employer is often a one-sided romance.

In many industries, the pandemic revealed just how transactional the workpla...

Many people who participated in the Great Resignation have the capacity to be a friend who says yes to weeknight plans, a present partner to their fiancé, and a son or daughter who checks in with their mom regularly. These people can have thoughts on their own that have nothing to do wit...

The New American Identity

That a job doesn’t have to be a defining feature of your personality—or even a passion—is a new mindset for many Americans.

The Great Resignation is not a complete rejection of work. For many, it’s about redefining themselves as people first instead of workers.

As Am...

From Individual To Universal

The “Great Resignation” isn’t really about rejecting work—it’s about redefining one’s sense of self.

The people who have found new fulfillment outside their career remind us that tectonic change in American society begins with individuals realigning their life to reflect their deepe...



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