Why does quitting your job still feel so hard? - Deepstash
Why does quitting your job still feel so hard?

Why does quitting your job still feel so hard?


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Why does quitting your job still feel so hard?

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Leaving The Job You Spend Years In

Even if we are going to a better place, leaving a current job that you have worked hard on can be upsetting. This is because:

  1. Our job is tied almost exclusively to our identity.
  2. The people that we work with fill most of our lives.
  3. Quitting a job has negative connotations, even if it is for a good cause.


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  • The pandemic caused the great resignation of 2021, a huge spike in people leaving their present jobs.
  • The idea that we are in a job for life and the social stigma that people who quit have to experience are both obsolete ways of thinking.
  • People without a job are considered less hireable, less warm and less competent compared to those working somewhere.
  • Quitting without having a solid plan ahead can be emotionally distressing to people, creating guilt, shame and fear.


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  1. Remember that it is just a job you are quitting, a decision that is your right to make.
  2. Don’t get bogged down by the negative reactions of others. It is your life.
  3. Remember that if the organization is not treating you well, or is not meeting your needs, you are making the right decision by quitting.
  4. Being without a job adds adaptability, resilience, flexibility and a new kind of empowerment in a person.
  5. Due to financial reasons, it is not possible to quit for many, even if they are working in hell. Those who can quit a bad job easily, don’t be hesitant.


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