A step-by-step guide for quitting your job the right way - Deepstash
A step-by-step guide for quitting your job the right way

A step-by-step guide for quitting your job the right way

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Set up a Meeting with Your Boss

Set up a Meeting with Your Boss

If you want to quit your job, don't tell anyone else at your workplace except your boss. It’s preferable to have a conversation, rather than send an email or text.

It may be tempting to share the news with some of your work friends and colleagues—especially if you’re excited about your new role—but resist. 


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Prepare What You’ll Say

  • Think about what you will say before you go into the meeting. Short and sweet usually work best.
  • You don’t owe your boss any explanations or indications of your new employer if you do not want to share it.
  • Be prepared for a counteroffer.


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Submit a Resignation Letter

  • Contact HR if necessary. This should be a professional transaction, similar to receiving the employment contract before you started working there.
  • Give HR and supervisor feedback about why you're leaving and how they can improve the work culture for future team members and existing employees.
  • Give enough notice to ensure a smooth transition.


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Continue to Do Good Work

Put together a solid transition plan and execute at an elite level. The time period between your resignation conversation and your end date should be your best work.

You do not owe anyone any information other than you are leaving. If you choose to disclose where you are going, you may want to wait until you've started working there.


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Never Burn Bridges

Your professional network is a great source for future opportunities and how you depart an organization leaves a permanent impression.

Aim to make a positive lasting impression, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because of boomerang opportunities. You never know what can happen.


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Follow Up

Consider emailing your former boss, colleagues, and clients a thank you note.

The gesture is a nice way to close this chapter to thank them for something specific like working on a project together, comment on anything you enjoyed in common outside of work, and give them your contact information in case any questions arise.


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"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”- John Maxwell

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