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An important read on saving and investing for retirement, no matter what your age.


How to Start Retirement Planning in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s

How to Start Retirement Planning in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s


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Planning For Retirement: Start Early

When and how you plan for retirement can make a huge difference in when you can ditch your job and how enjoyable life will be when you do. Of course, the ideal route is to start saving as soon as you start working. If you land your first job in your early 20s, it can be very help...

4 Steps to Start Retirement Planning In Your 20s

Sometimes life gets in the way of saving as much as you'd like. Student loans, mortgage payments, and unforeseen financial expenses can completely throw off the best-laid retirement plans. However, it is possible to start in your 30s, 40s, and even 50s and still have enough to bid your day job ad...

Step 1: Envision Your Retirement Lifestyle

Although this may be decades away, think of your plans for your future self. Do you want to stop working in your 40s or your 70s? Do you want to spend your days with your children, or volunteering at animal shelters, or sailing around the Mayan riviera? Or some combo of all three? Retirement is n...

Step 2: Pay Off Your Debt And Start Saving

One of the most important things you can do for your future is to accumulate cash. That's what a savings account is for. You may also have student loan debts or a store card that has a balance that needs to be paid off. Work on your emergency savings (three to six months of living expenses) at th...

Step 3: Invest as much as you can

According to Fidelity Investments' annual resolutions study, among the next generation (ages 18-3...

If you land a salaried role, chances are that you'll have the opportunity to invest in a retirement account called a 401(k). This plan allows employees to contribute a portion of their income on a pre-tax basis. The income is not taxed at the time it is earned, but rather when it is withdrawn fro...

3 Steps to Start Retirement Planning in Your 30s

Thirty is not the new 20 when it comes to retirement savings. At this age, you may already feel the burden of taking care of aging parents or young dependents. Student loans may linger, but your income is probably reaching new heights. If you haven't yet had time to focus on retirement, don't fee...

Remember that pesky 401(k) savings account that you may or may not have had the chance to max out? Now, dump as much money into that account as possible, get the employer match, and pay attention to the fund options. Usually, they are funds that are so risk-averse they are barely making more than...

Step 2: Look Into IRAs

Once you've contributed all you can to your employer-driven retirement accounts, consider other outside accounts, such as traditional and Roth IRAs (

If you had children in your 20s or 30s, chances are you're preparing for their college expenses side-by-side with your retirement savings. For them, start a 529 plan for college and trade school expenses. Also consider 

There are many reasons why retirement savings might not have been an option until your 40s. For example, many people come to the U.S. for study in their 20s or skilled work in their 30s, and realize in their 40s that they have some financial catching up to do. Similarly, freelancers, artists, ent...

Step 1: Invest in The Right Portfolio

Consider medium-risk investment portfolios: 50 percent to 60 percent as large-cap stocks, and the rest in less risky assets like bonds, gold, and other stable commodities. If you're not sure where to begin, check out investment platforms like, which he...

Step 2: Track Your Spending

Your 40s is when keeping up with the Joneses really kicks in. Family vacations ramp up, kids' expenses double and triple, and you start to feel like you've worked hard for the good things in life. The truth is that inflation is making the cost of basic needs very expensive, so you'll need to be c...

As you age, health risks and the cost of health insurance increase. No matter how much you have saved, it can easily be wiped out by a medical expense that isn't properly covered. Now is a great time to consider your health insurance, long-term care insurance, and any other medical care benefits ...

3 Steps to Start Retirement Planning in Your 50s

Chances are that you have money saved somewhere, just not in your retirement account. Your income may be steady, which is also a good thing. You may have untapped equity in your home, too. Your interest in full-time work may be in flux, as well as greater demands on your time—grandkids, civic org...

Everyone can retire with dignity. All we have to do is consistently invest 10 percent of whatever we make and forget that it exists until we actually retire. Technology has advanced enough to enable investing consistently in micro amounts.

Get an account that allows you to auto-invest 10 pe...

If you don't know where your bank passwords are, get a book or online password keeper to make sure you're never locked out. If you have only paper copies of important documents, digitize them in a tool like My Macro Memoir, which other family members can ac...

Step 3: Reevaluate the Value Of Your Home

Over time, homes can have accumulated a lot of equity that could be better leveraged to move to an appropriately located or better-sized home that wouldn't cost as much to maintain. Think of how you can use your home to fund your future. Rent out an empty room on V...

The Bottom Line: Start Now

There are lots of resources out there for free, including influencers who teach you how to retire early, and apps that help you find 




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Knowledge on Retirement planning is essential as it needs to be planned right from the beginning of career.



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