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Celebrate the Small Wins

Celebrate the Small Wins


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Celebrate the Small Wins

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Take Time to Celebrate the Small Wins!

There is a lot in this life to be excited about. There is a lot that we think we are striving for. Often times we are searching for something "BIG" we are wanting a BIG change or a BIG growth/improvement.

Yet those only come every so often.


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Just Being Honest

I created a Youtube training video on software I am passionate about. It got a WHOPPING 14 views 😅

Out over those 14 views (SO FAR!! I am shooting for the MOON DARN IT 🌜) I got an email.

Someone wanting to tell me thank you and reaching out for a template I shared on the video. 



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It's a Win!

It feels a little silly, but at the same time.

Even if I got 1,000 views (which would also be a Win!) The fact that a single human benefited, reached out, and wanted to use the template/design that I worked on?

Now that is a win!


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So Remember

Celebrate your small Wins! 

Its the small wins that bring us the big wins!

It will build appreciation and a sense of accomplishment in your own goals!


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