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Web3 and the Meme Economy

Web3 and the Meme Economy



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The Internet Wasn't a Fad from The Word Go

When the internet and the first personal computers were first invented, marketers had to invent reasons for people to buy them.

People didn't immediately rush to the first Apple store they could find to buy a $500 personal computer that could do little more than a digital calculator today....

Memes: A History

Since ancient Egypt, pictures that convey an idea have always been a staple of our civilization, and it seems they've taken on even greater relevance today.

In fact, it's gotten to the point that a huge part of every new technology is usually converted, in some way, to serve the needs of me...

The Potential Of Web 3.0

In theory, Web 3.0 is a game-changer. In a lot of ways, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 were game-changers too — but it's generally agreed that Web 2.0's revolution was the more important of the two. This is despite the fact that some claimed that the internet, in Web 2.0 format, wouldn't be more important t...

Decentralized Finance

On the blockchain end of things, there are other tools available right now that allow you to access infrastructure, earning yields, and integrate DeFi solutions. Ankr decentralizes Web3 infrastructure, an important next step in DeFi. If “decentralized” infrastructure is centraliz...

The Memification Of Web 3.0

The scale of the changes that Web 2.0 brought to our world shows just how immense Web 3.0 could be. Unlike Web 2.0, Web 3.0 will be heavily based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and will create even more transparent systems for the web to run on.

Memes are sha...

The Building Blocks Of Web 3.0

There are a lot of components that make up Web 3.0, but of all those components, three stand out right now. The first is the blockchain, the second is a cryptocurrency, and the third is NFTs.

Crypto isn't the only element of Web 3.0 that has a huge meme influence either.

NFTs, which c...

Memes Making Money

The Disaster girl NFT, sold by Disaster girl herself no less, sold at around $500,000. The Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT, sold by the girl in the meme herself, raked in $411,000. And lastly, a literal flying, rainbow, Pop Tart cat meme sold for $590,000.

In December of 2018, Dogeco...

For some reason, memes and virality are very essential tools for bringing groups of people together. They essentially work like flags — they signal camaraderie, they are a quick way of spreading information, and they are funny.

And just like making recipes and the ability to create cookbook...

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These new and upcoming ideas could very well shape up how we interact and work with each other in the near future. It's good to have a basic understanding of these buzzwords.



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