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15 Subjects You Should Have Been Taught In School

15 Subjects You Should Have Been Taught In School


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15 Subjects You Should Have Been Taught In School

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Life has pretty similar path for most of us: we are born, our parents take care of us, we get educated, we figure out a way to sustain ourselves, we form a family, we have our own kids, we grow old and then we die. Such a great note to start this article on isn’t it?

In it we’re going to focus on the education part, since it takes a bulk of your life – most people spend 12 years or more in the educational system – assuming an 80 year average lifespan, that’s over 15% of your life.


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The Goal of Schooling

The goal of the entire thing should be to make you self-sufficient and a positive part of our socio-economic system.

Unfortunately, at least in the last couple of decades, it doesn’t do that good of a job. It’s pretty decent, but from an efficiency and effectiveness perspective, it could definitely do better.

We took a look at the subjects taught in school and made a list of things we wished we would’ve learned while we were getting “educated” and prepared for life.


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1: How money works

Wouldn’t you love to learn in school how money works? Why some people earn more than others, how to increase your salary, how to save money or how to invest it?

Even today, in most households money is still a taboo subject, despite it being the fuel of our society.

Your parents are barely figuring it out for themselves and most of your teachers lack a fundamental understanding of money.


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2: Mental and Physical Health

Mental illness is a BIG issue today. 1 in 5 people is struggling with a form of mental issue. From ADHD to anxiety, to depression, you never learn about these in school. Mental health is a 100 Billion dollar industry in the US alone, because we are never taught how to take care of ourselves.

Despite standards of living going up, we see more and more successful people burning out or suffering from depression to a point where they just want to quit society. The number of college students who reported feeling depressed to the point where it negatively impacted their ability to function is 1 in 3.


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3: Dating and Romantic Relationships

You’re going to spend the majority of your life in a romantic relationship with someone.. How about we learn how to pick the right one?

This new generation is growing up with tinder, nudes and netflix & chill as viable “dating” options. Thus they will never be able to develop emotional intelligence and the ability to prospect a viable partner until way later in life. That’s why we see so many men suffering from Peter Pan syndrome.

Social media is putting an emphasis on the external image we portray, but it’s their mindset, character and passion that will raise your children, not their looks.


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 4: Taxes and Bills

Benjamin Franklin used to say: in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

We might actually cure death before we find a way to work without taxation. Taxes & Bills are a necessary part of life and you’ll have to deal with it a lot more frequently than you will have to use geometry actually, so it would make sense that by the time you finish your education to have the slightest idea of what you’re doing.


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5: How to make friends and be more sociable

This is another thing we left to chance, just put a bunch of kids in the same room and they’ll figure it out. It sorta worked out ok, but what do you do once you get older? Have you noticed how hard it is to make new friends after you’ve finished school?

This is a serious issue, because one of the main requirements for being a successful individual is your ability to connect and network with other people.


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6: Debt, Interest and Mortgages

You probably have no idea about the differences between good debt and bad debt. Most people finish school with zero introductions to how debt, interest and mortgages work.

Why is it so important to learn about these things? Because at some point in your life you will want to buy a house for yourself, maybe a car or even save some money for rainy days or retirement. How do you even buy a home? What’s that process like? Most people have to ask around or figure out the process as they go along.


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7: How to learn for yourself

Learning how to learn, how much of a phenomenon of a skill that is.

If you only got this right out of school and didn’t feel the need to beat the system in order to get higher grades, your life would be so much easier, because this is the skill to rule them all.

The upside is enormous, once you are taught how to approach acquiring new skills and teachings for yourself the world is your oyster. You can learn, do, become whatever you want, because you know have a method.


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8: How to find your passion & your values

The last thing you would want is the school to tell you what your values are and what you should be passionate about, but it would be really damn useful if they created a framework so that you could find that out for yourself.

Imagine instead of learning the names or every mountain and river in your country you would dedicate a year to introspection, where teachers would nurture every student to really think about what makes him happy, then visualize pathways towards creating a life built on that passion.


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9: How to find the right job and prepare for an interview

So you’re done with school right? Now what?

Most of you probably ask your parents for recommendations or someone who’s a bit older for a game plan. Otherwise, you have no idea what you’re doing resulting in time wasted, resources consumed and the feeling that you will need to compromise at every step of the way just to get some experience to begin with.

Not only the process of finding a job should be taught in school, but you should have a basic understanding of how to rank different jobs, to find one where you could prosper and be efficient.


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10: How to speak in public & sell an idea

Believe it or not, Public Speaking is the only thing people fear more than DEATH on average. What would it be like if in the 12 years you spent getting educated you would conquer this fear to the point where you are comfortable presenting yourself and entertaining a discussion on any topic.

Life is a big connect-the-dots game, where each dot is an uncomfortable conversation you will need to have and overcome. You will need to make quality friends, to gain the trust of partners or employers and you should be able to articulate why that would make sense for both parties.


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11: A basic understanding of cooking, how to take care of yourself and home maintenance

By the end of your education, it would be really valuable if you were self-sufficient from all stand-points of your existence. That’s the least you would expect right?

You will spend a large portion of your life (around 1 and a half hours per day actually) eating, yet nutrition is not something you learn about. The introduction of basic cooking would allow students to work with food and get more personal with what they put in their bodies. Cooking is a basic human skill and as things are moving forward we’re not seeing many making use of it.


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12: Digital and Personal Etiquette

We live in a digital world. More than half of your awake time is connected to a digital version of reality, you are in the digital space right now, consuming this article through your screen.

Your digital profiles are online 24 hours everyday accessible to almost anyone looking to find them.

How is your data used? What information do you allow to exist in your digital corner? How does it impact your online and offline reality?

Almost every person you interact with, at some point, will scan your digital profiles in order to get a better idea of who you are.


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13: Human rights, how the government works and why it is important to vote

You know how we mentioned values at number 8? The manifestation of the core values on which a society prospers is found in the Human Rights. This is something fairly new, we humans came up with and it’s the best thing we were able to create so far.

Human rights are the backbone of any well functioning, free society. Upon these, we have build complex governing structures which are put in place in order to oversee that we are moving in the right direction. Or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen in theory.


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14: Time management & discipline

We’ve never seen people waste time the way we’ve seen in universities and schools.

Give a student 3 weeks to finish a project and in the last 4 hours before the deadline the group-chat is blowing up with everybody trying to pitch in the least amount of work that would get them a passing grade.

This type of behavior is addicting, because those 4 hours get the job done. The result, that person will take this behavior with himself throughout life, to result in major inefficiencies through all aspects of his life.

We are professional procrastinators and most of it is due to a poor educational system.


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I am now going to university. A fresh new start, yet I feel more lost in life than ever. This article explains how a few tweaks in the education system can make us better prepared individuals in the long run.