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First time writing my own post in ages! I haven't entered Deepstash in about a year due to university commitments, and seeing the comments and interactions with the other articles I've curated has really brought a smile to my face :) This is more of an unusual stash. I feel like as we are getting older, we are getting less in touch with our child and creative side. Our brains feel monotonous in this systemic reality of education and then work. Here are some short free online games/ activities that I often turn back to and feel like you may enjoy them too :)) Note: best to access from a browser

Never have I ever thought to 'organise' my hobbies- but this article details why. It makes me feel better knowing that the many activities I do in my free time are fun and productive, and are not just random tasks. I look forward to implementing this in my real life, and recommend that others do too!

I am now going to university. A fresh new start, yet I feel more lost in life than ever. This article explains how a few tweaks in the education system can make us better prepared individuals in the long run.

Now that I have finished my final exams, I am taking this summer as the opportunity to declutter my life and for a fresh restart. This article has helped me realise that decluttering shouldn't only be a one time activity but a continuous mindset.

Some facts here have completely opened my eyes to our behaviour traits. It's also cool knowing also how these facts are all derived from studies with real participants, and are not just educated theories.



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