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Now that I have finished my final exams, I am taking this summer as the opportunity to declutter my life and for a fresh restart. This article has helped me realise that decluttering shouldn't only be a one time activity but a continuous mindset.

Some facts here have completely opened my eyes to our behaviour traits. It's also cool knowing also how these facts are all derived from studies with real participants, not just educated theories.

It is important to note down the lessons and life advice from elders, as they have had the experiences that we are yet to have. I found this person's insight really interesting and a way to inform my future choices.

As the Islamic month of Ramadan ends, during which the Quran was first revealed, it is really insightful to see how the Quran had predicted scientific ideas way before they were proven in the science community.

This has been one of my most favourite long-reads yet! As an A-Level biology student, I really resonated with the explanations and was able to understand how different aspects, some surprising, can possibly tie in to our development as a whole. It is a big question that surprisingly isn't asked enough- instead of our lifestyles, how will we change in the future?



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