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Here's a small guide to the world of songwriting from my personal experience as a passionate songwriter. Get inspired and write away!

How to write a song

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If I'm not passionate about it, I can't write it. I can't fake it.


To write a song, you'll have to get a hold of the typical framework. Like people, songs come in all shapes, colours and sizes but commercially it is quite certain that a good song would contain:

  • Verse 1
  • (optional: Pre-chorus) Chorus
  • Verse 2
  • (optional: Pre-choru...

The Core

Before you start, you'll have to have a topic in mind.

Although I've made songs from merely having a melody stuck in my head or finding a chord progression to write around, it needed to make sense

There are plenty of nonensical lyrics in songs that end up being hits but you'll have ...


How to find inspiration?

I have a practice of keeping a note of any interesting melody I hum and get hooked on to. I even record things such as, an innovative painting, a beautiful idiom, poetry or contronyms.

The note app on your phone is an easy and accessible way t...

Game Plan

First,sit back and think about your approach.

  1. Would you want it to be sad, happy, angry or any other emotion?
  2. Would you want it to be a pop, rock, metal, hip-hop, indie, etc. song?
  3. Would you rather have it change the emotion into something completely different, or stay ...


Hooks are the addictive part of the song. The part that makes your song memorable. Usually hooks are the titles of the song.

They can either be a melody or a lyric (most probably the title)

It's always good to start the song by thinking of a great hook. Some good hooks are: aliteratio...


Before working on the lyrics, find a good melody for your verses, pre-choruses, chorus and bridge.

If you can't play an instrument or chords, there are a few backing tracks available on YouTube or other sources to help you craft a song around it.

Melody first. Lyrics later.

What Do YOU Want It To Be?

From personal experience, I've come across three groups to choose from:

  • A song from your perspective, about something you went through
  • A song from a third-person perspective about something you went through
  • A story song - includes vivid imagery and a classic story p...


Once you've got some words to work with, start rhyming.

Some songs didn't have many rhymes but attracted the public, but until we're stinking famous to be able to do whatever we want... We need to follow atleast some rhyming schemes:

  • AABB
  • ABAB
  • ABCB
  • AAAA


Phrasing means timing

Make sure your words sound on time in the verses or any other places you change your words.

Always remember that your chorus is the main part of your song, so it almost never changes lyrics. This is because a chorus is the part of the song that people sing along ...

Stack It Up

Now, you're good to go.

Do some research and listen to different song structures and keep a mental note of how it works

It's time to weave and piece it together, this is where you get bring your creativity to the table make edits, make changes, make it true to YOU. Even though I've t...


Cadence is the end of the song. It is an important part of song writing because closure is what gives us fulfillment.

I do recommend ending it round circle, with something you said in the verse or a melody you used in the verse. It gives the listener a feeling of nostalgia and satisfaction...


Songs are a great outlet of emotions. Our emotions can be expressed simply by words but when you add music to the equation, you bring a whole new dimension to emotion that is more easily understood.

Whatever I've said so far can be applied for commercial songwriting but it's always nice to ...

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In this stash I give some tips about academic writing, this is one I refer to every time I have to write something so be sure to safe it so you can too!



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