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The DAO Transparency Index: Measuring an Organization's Transparency & Trust

The DAO Transparency Index: Measuring an Organization's Transparency & Trust


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The year of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

The DAO space is evolving very quickly and we see rapid changes and evolution in how we perceive DAOs and how DAOs work.

DAOs used to be universally seen as groups of very forward-thinking engineers and mathematicians working on a service or protocol that would join in the decentralisation ...

DeFi and DAOs

DeFi revolutionised how assets could be invested and spent. DAOs are revolutionising the way that knowledge, ownership, and work is distributed globally.

To put it plainly, DAOs are spreading the crypto message at speed, an...

Regulators have more bark than bite

The DAO revolution may seem extreme, but the same was thought about electricity, automobiles and the Internet.

Talk about President Biden’s Executive Order on the “Responsible Development of Digital Assets,” and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s new proposed bill, while well-intentioned on the sur...

Most people think the SEC would regulate blockchain. The SEC is the most influential regulatory body in the United States when it comes to crypto, but have been very quiet as it has become obvious that they can't tame this worldwide movement.

SEC Commissioner Caroline Crens...

Now is a good time for the community to start discussions on improving transparency and raising trust in the DAOs. We won't need regulators to set their own terms. Instead, we must be:

  • taking ownership of the responsibilities,
  • setting open standards to bring unity in web3,
  • ...

The DAO Transparency Index & Dashboard

We need to set some boundaries and definitions for a DAO transparency dashboard to give the DAO value.

We got this far with innovation and experimentation. There could be criminal organizations that take the form of a DAO, but web2 has shown the world the power of angry com...

Proposed transparency principles

DAOs will be defined under similar frameworks to:

  • Assign a transparency index score
  • Show areas in which the DAO could improve
  • Show the areas where the DAO is excelling.

Transparency could consist of three principles:

  • Metric A: 

The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, was founded in 1994. Thirty years later, D3C is established to assist in the new era of information. Finally, the infrastructure projects of 2017-2021 are beginning to take shape and become more usable.

The three D’s represent the core components that...

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one sided and annoyingly incorrect copy, at least the list of protocols is of the big players



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Social Media is never going to be the same again.



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