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Embrace An Open Metaverse


Why the future of the metaverse can only be decentralized

Why the future of the metaverse can only be decentralized



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The New Format Wars

The race to the metaverse is on, featuring runners and riders including tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, and Epic, to blockchain old-schoolers like Decentraland and Somnium Space. The only problem is that it looks suspiciously like a repeat of the "format wars" we've seen play out time and time ...

Centralized Facebook Style Social Metaverse Is Doomed to Fail

  • Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a centralized Facebook-style social metaverse has been dubbed "dystopian" by one of the firm's earliest supporters.
  • Microsoft, on the other hand, appears to have a zig-zag approach to realizing its metaverse ambitions.
  • The potential of Web3 as the ...

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

The only way to think of the ideal metaverse is through the building blocks laid by decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs.

The world is only just waking up to...

Network Effects Of Decentralization

The network effects of such a model would be unparalleled because the incentives are aligned.

Users will want their friends and family to join so they can also participate in the rewards and make the network a better place to hang out.

Thanks to the underlying blockchain infrastructur...

The Problem With Centralized Internet Services

In the Web2 model, we don't own anything so we end up tied into platforms and services simply so we can benefit from the work we've put into them over the years.

Closing a social media account means losing followers, closing a streaming service means losing playlists and access to streaming...

The Bottom Line: Embrace The Open

  • Big tech has a choice: embrace the open, decentralized nature of the future in the metaverse or continue operating closed ecosystems that are only designed to extract value at the expense of their most valuable assets.
  • Web3 empowers people to own their data, their follower counts, th...



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