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With cybersecurity, the question is no longer only how to keep bad players out. Instead, the priority is how to recover as quickly as possible once an attack occurs.


How Do I Adopt a 'Zero Trust' Framework?

How Do I Adopt a 'Zero Trust' Framework?


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Approach Cybersecurity with Zero Trust Strategies

  • According to a recent survey conducted by iSMG, 100% of the respondents said that Zero Trust is critical to reducing their cybersecurity risk.
  • 46% said Zero Trust is the most crucial security practice.
  • Another survey by Forrester showed that ...

It's normal to start risk assessment with attack surface analysis. For example, security professionals look at where the perimeter is, how someone might break in and what method they might use.

With Zero Trust, it is different. The highest value and highest risk users and assets

Maximizing Visibility

You can't protect what you can't see. First complete visibility to understand how everything connects and behaves, which is the cause of security gaps or broken workflows.

Once they get complete visibility, they can understand what trust and enforcement policies the...

Data centres traditionally manage networks and surrounding environments by creating a "micro-boundary" in the data centre with a differential segment, meaning only pre-approved traffic flows can pass.

When building a Zero Trust Architecture, the principle is the same, but the network

Identity is the foundation of Zero Trust security. It means knowing where all identities originate: user identities, service accounts, application sessions, ephemeral identities, and cloud assets.

Identity-based Zero Trust continually monitors every access request made by all users to any r...

Reducing Attack Surface

Remote workers accessing your network increase the attack surfaces on a new scale. The security team should find ways to reduce the attack surface to minimize exposure.

Internally, a micro-segmentation approach gives a secure 1:1 connection to authorized resources.

We can also app...

Zero Trust models include Google's BeyondCorp, Gartner's CARTA, NIST 




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