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Yes, you can build a successful career in tech with a liberal arts degree

Yes, you can build a successful career in tech with a liberal arts degree

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Changing from "non-tech" to a tech career

Changing from "non-tech" to a tech career

The pandemic has shuffled the way we work. Many people are switching jobs and career paths, and “non-tech” people are considering a career in tech.

If you are interested in turn-of-the-century literature and want to spend your college years doing research and writing essays, do it. You can use it in a tech career.


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Humanities enrich the tech industry

Older individuals who have studied the humanities, History, Art, and English are very successful creators, analytical thinkers and researchers. They can take complex problems and find novel solutions.

But there has been a shift. According to PBS, only 5 percent of college graduates earned liberal art degrees in 2018. Instead, young people opt for a degree that will lead to a high-paying job and are told they can't make money with a liberal arts degree.

However, that is incorrect. Many who have studied humanities have enriched the tech industry.


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Tech needs more than STEM majors

Tech needs more than STEM majors

Liberal arts students learn how to approach problems from many different perspectives. By regarding these different lenses, they gain a much rounder understanding of a problem and can find solutions that consider the various needs of all the constituents.

The tech industry can benefit from the inclusion of people from all academic, professional, and life backgrounds. So use what you already know and consider getting a non-technical role first and then transition into a technical role.


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How to grow that first gig in tech into a successful career

  • Seek out new knowledge. Take courses, learn the language, and become friends with those who know things you don't.
  • Work with intelligent people. Seek out teams who are smarter than you and work with people you can learn the most from.
  • Align yourself to the quality of your product and the quality of your business outcomes.
  • Advocate for yourself and the career you want to build.
  • Find allies.

Be uncomfortable in situations where you don't understand what's happening around you and unreasonably convinced in your ability to learn.


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