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Viewing effort as part of a feedback loop could help us enjoy the process.


How to Get Hooked on Making an Effort

How to Get Hooked on Making an Effort


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The Link Between Effort and Performance

It can be hard to disentangle whether effort is a cause or a consequence in a given situation. But we can look at effort through a feedback loop that looks like this:

Effort > performance > pleasure > motivation > effort.

In reality, one’s ability to put in an effort typically arises as a consequence of something, not as a major cause.

  • To accomplish something, making an effort depends more on the right time and right place, rather than being the focal point.
  • It’s also a...

Keeping Up the Good Work: Behavioral Loops and Pleasure

The trick is to refrain from seeing effort as a cause or as a consequence, but rather as both. By seeing it this way, we can organize performance over the long term and generate an "addictive loop"—meaning a drive to repeat behaviors that are pleasurable by themselves.


Lessons for Leaders

The role of leaders is to put in place a system of efforts-as-consequences, generating a spiral where outcomes get bigger and better as time goes on.

  • Don’t neglect indirect activities that create pleasure, like giving feedback and offering training sessions.

Individuals can consciously organize themselves into performance-effort loops.

  • Build an identity. Our actions tend to align with how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. 
  • Make it a habit. Your brain is a creature of habit, and sci...

Avoid Forced Effort

Such extrinsic motivation schemes—where effort is forced by external rewards—have been shown to lead generally to undesirable outcomes.

While we can’t ignore them as short-term tactics, they only work in limited contexts, and only if properly inserted in a scheme balanced with intrinsic mo...

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