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The Small Steps of Giant Leaps - Farnam Street

The Small Steps of Giant Leaps - Farnam Street

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Consistently put yourself in a good position

Consistently put yourself in a good position

The person who has learned to consistently put themselves in a strong position can take advantage of circumstances while others are forced into a series of poor choices. 

We find ourselves in the position we are today because of the accumulation of the small choices that we've been making for years. Eating a chocolate bar today won't make you unhealthy. Saving money today won't make you rich.


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Small choices position you for future success

The small choices we make on a daily basis either work for us or against us. One choice can put time on your side. The other ensures to work against you.

On the first day, the long-term outcome of your choices will not be noticeable. But as the days turn to weeks, weeks into years, the small choices can create huge results.

Compounding results are often only noticed with consistency. The lack of consistency keeps ordinary people from extraordinary results.


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Excelling at small choices that compound

Excelling at small choices that compound

When you excel at the small choices that compound over time, it leaves you in favourable circumstances.

But results comes at a price. The price is to consistently continue doing the small choices even if you don't see immediate results.


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