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Will true AI turn against us?

Will true AI turn against us?



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A Good Thing?

Artificial intelligence is already everywhere. From Amazon product suggestions to Google auto-complete, AI has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives. The trouble is that AI just isn’t very good. Have you ever had a meaningful conversation with Siri or Alexa or Cortana? Of course not. But that ...

In a utopian version of an AI-dominated future, humans are assisted by friendly, all-knowing butlers that cater to our every need. In the dystopian version, robots assert their independence and declare a Terminator-style apocalypse on humanity. But how realistic are these scenarios? Will AI ever ...

“So you get into this uncomfortable position where you might be forced to recognize that some humans are non-persons and some nonhumans are persons.”

“Now again, if you bite the bullet and say I’m willing to be a specialist, being a member of the human species is either necessary o...

“I think a lot of people dismiss this kind of talk of super intelligence as science fiction…”

 “…because we’re stuck in this sort of carbon chauvinism idea that intelligence can only exist in biological organisms made of cells and carbon atoms. As a physicist, from my perspective i...

“If we create intelligence, […] unless we program it with the goal of subjugating less intelligent beings, there’s no reason to think that it will naturally evolve in that direction.”

“Particularly if, like with every gadget that we invent, we build in safeguards. And we know, by t...

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