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Something we need to know the science of before we blame ourselves for unproductivity.


Finding Motivation the Neuroscience Way

Finding Motivation the Neuroscience Way


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Did you read platitudes today?

Content on max-ing motivation and productivity is everywhere. You probably have a mental list of all the platitudes or hacks. Motivational quotes trick us into feeling like we’ve accomplished something.

Then why do we have days when we check off items from To-Do's and days ...

Patience or Impulse?

Author Robert McKain quoted “Action precedes motivation.”, but we always read that motivation is what makes us act. So what is it? So should I wait for that drive to get stuff done, or not?

There exists an elaborate process of brain activity that pushes you to pursue goals ...

80% of NY Resolutions Fail??

Having resolutions and not following through is not because you didn't have the time. It's the Neurochemistry of your Motivation & Reward Systems.

Motivation is 

  • A complex process in the brain
  • Involves multiple brain regions
  • Several Pathways

Craving and Prediction of Rewards

Dopamine (DA) is synonymously used with happiness and reward. It helps feel pleasure and relays 'motivational salience'. 

Motivational Salience means DA

  1. Indicates positive rewarding stimuli and 
  2. Responds to negative non-rewarding stimuli like stres...

Quick - Think of cheesecake!

DA is released when we work towards something we think is rewarding - a video game or desire for something tasty. 

DA is released while predicting and craving rewards, not so much while experiencing it. The process : 

  1. Release in Planning Network ...


“I only write when inspiration strikes, Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.”

What will boost my motivation?

Reward/Incentive - achievability of a task and the perceived pleasure/reward from it decides your motivation levels. But the aim is to conquer your goals without waiting for that drive. So what else?

  • Indulge in Challenges/ Competition: ...

Purposeful Self-Motivation

Ways you can consciously increase and sustain your motivation : 

  • Anticipation of Rewards: Visualize a completed task and act towards it, it activates the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC)
  • Record your Progress: Track your progress an...

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