Presentation and Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Manage Your Nerves - Deepstash
Presentation and Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Manage Your Nerves

Presentation and Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Manage Your Nerves

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Fear vs Anxiety: The Difference

Fear vs Anxiety: The Difference

  • Fear is fear of an existing threat. If you have a knife to your back or a gun to your head, that is fear because there is a real and existing threat.
  • Anxiety is worry about the unknown which is radically different. Worry is out of your control, and the unknown is out of your control.

These two elements are the heart of anxiety so when thinking about that upcoming presentation, you are most likely wrestling with anxiety because you worry about whether people are going to like you and your message and their reaction is all unknown at this point. It’s a classic case study in the subject of anxiety.


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Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

  • Visualization: Visualize how you are going to be in front of the room, how the audience is going to react to you positively, and how it is going to look when you conclude your talk. This will build your confidence and make you feel as though this is the second time you have given this talk making it easier and more effortless.
  • Breathing: Inhale and take 4 seconds to do it. At the top of your breath, wait for 4 seconds and now exhale and take 4 seconds to do so. Now, wait for another 4 seconds at the bottom of your breath. Rinse and repeat. This will lower your heart rate and calm you down.


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