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Exams are an important part of our lives, at every stage you have to give an exam( whether it is related to studies or life) ... So here's a complete guide that will help you to ace your next exam....


Five Scientific Steps to Ace Your Next Exam....

Five Scientific Steps to Ace Your Next Exam....


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SPACING effect clearly shows that studying time is more efficient if it is spread out over multiple sessions than if it is compressed in one session.

More exposures to information, separated in time, will result in better retention than if you cram them together in one burs...

Testing Effect

This effect says that you must retrieve the important information from your memory rather than re-reading notes or referencing your textbooks.

Advice : After your first time learning the material, the majority of subsequent studying should be in the form...

Transfer-Appropriate Processing

There’s a hierarchy of what kinds of study materials will be useful to you in preparing for your exam:

  1. The most valuable are mock tests and exams which are intended to be identical in style and form to the test you’re actually going to take.
  2. Next are pr...

Understand Rather Than Memorizing

Memorization matters, but it’s more often as a means to understanding rather than an end in itself.

This means that deeply understanding the core concepts behind any exam you study for should be a top priority.

For understanding a concept you can use feynman's tec...

Beat Anxiety By Stimulating

Anxiety is another hurdle for your studying ability. It’s both harder to concentrate and the stress makes it harder to remember things, even if you could.

The solution is to make at least some of your studying sessions a full-blown simulation of the exam.

The benefit...

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