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The Invisible Hand's Visible Swarm

The Invisible Hand's Visible Swarm


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The Future Of Problem Solving

  • Extreme optimism and fatalistic pessimism may seem to be stark opposites, but they both end in apathy
  • If things were sure to improve or bound to collapse, then our actions would not matter one way or the other

The Next Decade

  • The next decade is going to see unimaginable developments in health, space, economic design, VR, energy, and beyond
  • There will be winners and losers at the individual company level. Certain industries will take longer to develop than others
  • On a decade-scale and beyond, the m...

An Invisible Swarm

  • Entrepreneurship is the invisible hand directing capital and talent toward solving problems.
  • The biggest challenges attract a swarm of talent and capital that grinds them down until they're largely solved.
  • This should mean more volatility as the swarm moves faster and faster,...

Greentech To Climate Tech

The “Greentech bubble” Of 2006: Greentech investing attracted a swarm of entrepreneurs, and those entrepreneurs got to work building new solutions and scaling the deployment of existing ones, and over the past decade, the cost of energy from renewable sources has come down dramatically.


The Elon Musk Example

  • Space exploration in the United States had been stagnant for decades when Elon Musk launched SpaceX in 2002.
  • SpaceX did the near-impossible over the course of two decades in order to finally attract the swarm.
  • By laying out his vision and plan, he was able to attract the most...

Web 3.0 And The Swarm

  • The swarm explains why web3 is so controversial. To some, it's Fast on steroids.
  • To others, it looks like the ultimate swarm hack: a product with money baked in, designed to attract talent and capital despite having no real impact.
  • UX issues, mini-bubbles in categories like D...

A Formula for Optimism

  • The swarm is attracted to big problems and has proven its ability to solve them.
  • Companies come and go, and technologies get hyped up and fade away, but eventually, the swarm smooths out problems until the sexiest, most challenging things are just boring, normal industries.
  • E...




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web3 is not the universal panacea. People's incentives are more complex than just simple tokens, as this Wikipedia author highlights.



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