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Ethereum is the future of our economics

Ethereum is the future of our economics


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A world computer & a settlement layer

Ethereum is a “world computer”: It lets people build apps & products with money baked into the code. If you believe that web3 is going to continue to grow, then you likely believe that over time,

Ethereum will become the “settlement layer” of the in...

Bitcoin is a database that does only 1 thing: track ownership of coins.  Ethereum adds the computational capabilities that makes Excel more than a database: 

  • Turing Completeness. It means that it can solve any computational problem. With the introduction of formulas, E...

Robert Greer says that there are three asset superclasses: 

  1. Capital Assets are productive & generate value or cash-flow: equities, bonds, or rentable real estate. 
  2. Transformable/Consumable Assets: can be consumed one time, transformed into anot...

Why is Eth valuable?

How does more activity on top of Ethereum translate into a higher price for ETH?

Today, when you want to transact on Ethereum, you need to use ETH. There are currently around 116 million ETH. More transactions on Ethereum means more demand for ETH which mea...

Bill Gates

A platform is when the economic value of everybody that uses it, exceeds the value of the company that creates it. Then it’s a platform.

Apple's AppStore fees can be seen as rent-seeking and the same can be said about all incumbent-run platforms. 

Ethereum is a true platform: projects that build on top of it are actually financially incentivised to support the value of the underlying tech in order to secure their pro...

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