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I am a big fan of learning here are 10 mistakes that most people make I was making about 5 of them 😅

10 HUGE Mistakes You Make In Learning

10 HUGE Mistakes You Make In Learning



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  • Every single thing that you learn has fundementals make sure you know them
  • Also if you skip the fundementals you will end up having to go back and retrace your steps to learn things

  • Don’t get super into something
  • Pace yourself daily don’t do so much that you burn out
  • Make sure you notice when your levels of intrests drops

  • Put things into practice that is a fundemental way of learning
  • by putting things into practice you prove that you understand and know the information

  • How do you know if your learning or getting better
  • Without a good benchmark it is very hard to know if your improving and by how much

  • You can go fast when you master the fundementals

  • There are shortcuts in this world but they are expensive you must be willingly to pay the price
  • When your starting out there are no shortcuts

  1. Most people quit when it’s starting to get hard
  2. you move past this by finding your reason why you start

  • It’s very hard to accept the fact that you suck
  • Thats a normal part of progress everyone stinks at the beginning
  • The more you keep at it the more you get better

  • If you ever delete your bad work you will not get the chance of learning from it
  • learning from your mistakes are how you get better

  • You will never be 100% ready at some point you have to jump in
  • feedback is good just don’t wait too long to get it when you wait too long

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