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Where Did Anorexia Stereotypes Come From?

Where Did Anorexia Stereotypes Come From?



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Anorexia and Hysteria: A Shared History

  • Before modern medicine, unexplained women's behaviors and illnesses were diagnosed as hysteria.
  • Symptoms of hysteria included fever and physical pain, as well as behaviors that didn't fit female stereotypes of passivity, feebleness, and fragility.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, and de...

  • Psychiatry asylums played a role in anorexia being recognized as its own medical condition separate from hysteria
  • At first, psychiatric institutions were places where people with mental illnesses were looked after, but not treated
  • This changed with a mental health reformation...

  • Since the mid-1800s, we've gained a deeper understanding of why anorexia develops, but its early associations with hysteria have been difficult to escape
  • Anorexia and hysteria are not the same illness
  • In a 1982 Life Magazine article, it was claimed that "hysteria has almost d...

  • A psychosomatic disorder is a condition where observed physical symptoms don’t have medical explanations.
  • These symptoms are instead attributed to psychological things (e.g., stress, emotions, and personality).
  • Many times, we just haven't found medical explanations for them y...

  • Alexithymia is a personality trait that makes it difficult to identify our feelings, describe what other people are feeling, and to think imaginatively.
  • Illness denial is more difficult to find a medical explanation for, but emerging neurological explanations suggest that people with...

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