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I avoided these traps at big companies. Smaller ones face them too.


5 traps to avoid when working at a big company

5 traps to avoid when working at a big company



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1. Being someone's lieutenant

  • If you're good, someone at the company will try to collect you.
  • They’ll imply that loyalty to them will fast-track your career.
  • They have a few followers already in their trap.
  • Avoid them. They will never let you excel past them.

2. Tribal knowledge

  • Big companies are full of legacy tech. And custom-built internal tooling.
  • These are skills you can't bring anywhere else.
  • If you're not careful, you'll only be an expert at THEIR systems.
  • Focus on building both internal AND transferable expertise.

3. Falling for perks

  • Snacks in the office cost the company nothing. Dry cleaning costs the company nothing.
  • Flying you to Denver and getting you a hotel room costs the company nothing.
  • In your head, you're likely pricing these perks as worth $40k. Don't fall for that

4. Getting raises, not readjustments

  • If you're a top performer at your company, best case, you get a 7% raise each year.
  • Even if they should, companies don't adjust people's pay by 50%.
  • If you were to switch jobs, you might see that 50% boost.

5. Lack of recognition

  • You should be recognized for 70% of all the work you do.
  • If you expect to be recognized for 100% of your work, you're likely not a team player.
  • If you're recognized for _less_ than 70% of your work, you're being taken for granted. And being underpaid

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