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5 Ways to Become a Top Performer at Any Company

5 Ways to Become a Top Performer at Any Company

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Being naturally curious

Being naturally curious

These individuals are not at your organization just to do a job, but rather to make their mark on the company as a whole.

They are deeply inquisitive - this means they see beyond just the roles and responsibilities outlined in their job description. Instead, they view their day-to-day work as a way to further the organization’s vision at large. They inherently connect the dots —understanding that each task, big or small, supports a collective push.


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The innate ability to learn

An employee’s natural curiosity will, in most cases, sharpen his or her ability to learn quickly. Though it may sound straightforward, the propensity to learn new things quickly and effectively is an integral skill.

Being able to absorb information rapidly, process it and ultimately translate that new information into action spurs growth at scale.


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Being able to turn feedback into action

Feedback is the foundation of any successful relationship, personal or professional. And, while giving feedback can at times be uncomfortable, having hard conversations are imperative, particularly in business.

Perfection doesn’t exist, not even among standout employees, so feedback is compulsory and encouraged. What truly sets top performers apart is the way in which they react to feedback.


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Being dually autonomous and collaborative

Naturally, people who can work with little or no guidance are exceedingly valuable at work. They take direction well and require no handholding. Top performers are not only autonomous, but they also thrive in group settings. Able to collaborate, share ideas and grind independently, these rare individuals are a double threat — in the best possible way.


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Empower those around them

Real standout employees are the ones that make everyone around them better.

  • If it’s a standout manager or leader, this means developing and nurturing the talent that reports to them.
  • If it’s a junior or entry-level employee, this involves uplifting and inspiring peers they collaborate with regularly.

This component leans more on an individual’s emotional intelligence. Standout employees are able to empathize with the people they work alongside.


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