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Quitter's remorse: The workers who regret resigning

Quitter's remorse: The workers who regret resigning



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Regret over joining the Great Resignation

Many workers are happy in their new positions amid the Great Resignation. But in hindsight, not everyone is pleased with their decisions.

According to a March survey of around 2,000 US workers who quit their job in the past two years, about one in five said they regretted doing so. Many emp...

Why regret is on the rise

For nearly a year, about four million US workers quit their jobs every month for better pay or roles that align more with their values. This contributed to the hiring crisis that's seeing great competition for talent. Other countries find themselves in the same situation.

Many workers are ...

The grass is greener on the other side

When colleagues resign in a hot job market, workers may feel they are missing out. They may view all other companies with rose-tinted glasses and overweigh the positives of trying something new.

Currently, it is also easier to quit than to have tough conversations with management. But peopl...

It is common for new employees to reminisce over previous workmates and past tasks and then feel regret.

Quitter's remorse can cloud an employee's judgement. During a difficult transition, a worker in the current job market may be quick to quit again. The danger is constantly restarting the...

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